7 Steps to Get Ranked Top 10 on Google in 2013

7. Get rid of all the duplicated content :

7 Steps to Get Ranked Top 10 on Google in 2013

  backlinks,link building,link building services,off page optimization,search engine optimization,optimization services,seo services,off page tutorial.If you've got any issues with obtaining high rankings or if you lost them once Penguin update, confirm to fastidiously browse this text and follow all its advice's. we've analyzed many our shoppers' websites and their SEO ways of achieving #1 on Google for the past vi months and detected that a number of our clients have nice results, whereas others do not. thus we tend to aimed toward revealing the foremost necessary reasons WHY some folks cannot succeed to urge hierarchic in Google high ten and what you would like to try and do to with success reach that goal in 2013.

Note: it is important to follow every of the subsequent below seven steps. Your mental object of a minimum of one in every of them might lead to failure to urge in high ten on Google.

1. Choose keywords :
  Choose keywords for your link building campaign which can bring traffic, but which are not too competitive and you can afford them. 

Learn how to select the best keywords for your link building campaign.
2. Get high quality text backlinks from relevant websites :
Quality of backlinks is far additional necessary than amount. There square measure varied of cases once lower variety of backlinks yields abundant higher rankings boost on Google than higher variety of links with lower quality. And when Google
Penguin update quality became even additional necessary than amount. thus concentrate on prime quality, text backlinks, returning from relevant webpages with PR1 and better PR. Please note that PageRank has become not thus necessary because it was before. relevance is currently so much, much more necessary than PR. Even PR1 link from relevant webpage will improve your web site rankings far better than PR7 link from not relevant web site. Moreover, unrelated backlink will even lower your web site rankings. thus concentrate on obtaining solely relevant backlinks to your web site. If you have already got unrelated backlinks, following to your web site, you'd higher take away them and acquire relevant links instead.  
Learn how to find highly relevant backlink pages in LinksManagement 'Find & Buy' Inventory.
3. Get backlinks with different anchor texts :
We have noticed that one of the most common SEO mistake many people do is ignoring this rule. Our own analysis, as well as SEOmoz's research have apparent that humans who followed apparent beneath ballast argument administration formula, accept auspiciously got in Top 10 on Google and were advanced in the SERPs even afterwards Penguin update. Others, who abandoned this rule, bootless to get top rankings. Google is consistently alive on convalescent its algorithms and in the end of March 2012, Google has launched Penguin update. Afterwards this amend a abundant amount of websites in the accomplished Internet absent their rankings. The a lot of important acumen why rankings accept alone afterwards this amend was aberrant keyword (anchor text) administration in the backlinks. SEOMoz has made a deep research,aggravating to acquisition out what was the a lot of accustomed keyword administration formula that SEOs accept to chase to accept top rankings on Google. They took websites with top and low rankings on Google and compared their ballast argument distribution. The after-effects of the analysis has acutely apparent that websites with top rankings had the afterward keyword distribution:

Natural Anchor Text Distribution Formula After Google Penguin Update

  backlinks,link building,link building services,off page optimization,search engine optimization,optimization services,seo services,off page tutorial.

Check out SEOmoz case study which proves this graph is not just real, but is vital to remember about
(During our own analysis we've also came to very similar percentages which are given by SEOmoz.)

Thereupon, we suggest you to build backlinks to your website with the following breakdown of your anchor texts:

  backlinks,link building,link building services,off page optimization,search engine optimization,optimization services,seo services,off page tutorial.

I.E. for example if your domain name is www.bwidgets.com and your main targeted keyword for which you want to rank #1 on Google is blue widgets, then only 18% of your backlinks should have the exact keyword match (i.e. blue widgets), 17% of your anchors should include your exact keyword (for example, buy best blue widgets, blue widgets online, etc), 31% of your backlinks should go as your brand name (bwidgets), 18% of your anchors should go as your website URL (www.bwidgets.com) and the rest 16% of your anchor texts should include such keywords as click here, see the details, learn more, etc.

We accept how psychologically difficult it may be for you to alpha accepting backlinks for such keywords as "click here" or even just for a cast name of your business or area name of your website, and that's why we animate you to read this SEOmoz case study which proves that this is not a "may follow", but is a "MUST FOLLOW" SEO aphorism that you should chase to get top rankings on Google. If your accepted ballast argument administration doesn't accompany with the aloft mentioned, but there are not too abounding such links, don't bother removing them - just body new links with those anchors which you don't currently accept enough. So that if new links are built, your new ballast argument administration becomes natural.

4. Get backlinks from pages with various PR :
 There were many words said about the naturalness of the link building campaigns  and abundant added will be said. In this view, the assortment of PR of your links comes to the foreground. You should accept that alone top PR or alone low PR links in your backlink contour assume apprehensive to Google. That's why your backlinks accept to appear from web pages with altered PR. Moreover, a lot of of your links should appear PR0 and PR1 pages to attending accustomed for Google. Alone alone about 5% of your links should appear from top PR pages with PR4 and higher. 
Learn more about natural PR distribution. If your accepted backlink contour doesn't accord to this recommendation, don't abolish absolute links, bigger just body new ones with those Page Ranks which you don't accept abundant for your hotlink contour to attending accustomed to Google.
5. Purchase links gradually :
Don't buy   backlinks,link building,link building services,off page optimization,search engine optimization,optimization services,seo services,off page tutorial.a lot of links the same day, and especially if they accept top PR! You should get backlinks for your website that way which would attending accustomed to Google, i.e. how humans on the Internet would a lot of acceptable hotlink to your website. For example, if your accepted website PR is PR3-PR4 (we took boilerplate PR on the Internet to address this example), we acclaim you to use the afterward hotlink architecture plan:

  • Start from purchasing 3 relevant backlinks a week with just PR1-PR2. Buy more links with PR1 and less with PR2. Buy such links during the first 3-4 weeks.

  • Only then add a few PR3 backlinks to your backlink profile. And they also must be relevant to your website.

  • Continue getting 3-5 PR1-PR2 and a few PR3 links a week during 1 more month.

  • Only in 2 months after your link building campaign initiation it will be safe to acquire a few PR4 backlinks.

  • And only in 1 more month it will be safe to get 1 PR5 OR PR6 backlink.

It is not safe to buy high PR links (PR4 and higher) if your website has low number of PR1-PR3 backlinks in its backlink profile. That's why at first you should always buy low PR links, and only then - high PR links. Learn more about natural PR distribution here.

You should try to get top PR links with PR4 and college ONLY if they are accordant to your business. Accepting PR4+ backlinks is not a MUST for accepting top rankings on Google, admitting accepting accordant backlinks is. If you cannot get accordant top PR links to your website, it's not a botheration at all, focus on accepting low PR, but accordant links.

In fact, it is abundant easier (and cheaper) to get in Top 10 by accepting alone PR1-PR3 backlinks that appear from accordant pages, than by accepting PR4-PR6 backlinks which appear from different webpages. After Google Penguin amend you can in fact overlook about the PR of the page and just focus on accepting accordant PR1-PR3 backlinks. Afterward such action will accomplish your hotlink architecture attack attending added accustomed to Google and accompany you to the 1st page of Google SERPs eventually than if you were purchasing PR4-PR6 backlinks, afterward to your website since it takes longer for high PR links to pass their PR Weight to your website.  
Contact us to get a customized link building plan for your website for free.


6. Be patient : 

The added aggressive your keywords are, the added time it is all-important for you to get ranked on Google. It can yield from 1 to 3 months for actual low aggressive keywords, from 3 to 6 months for boilerplate aggressive terms, and from 6 to 9 or even 12 months for top aggressive keyword phrases. Most Links Management barter accomplish Top 10 on Google on boilerplate aural 3 to 6 months. Remember that Google has developed its algorithms so that it is now application cerebral abutment - if you get new backlinks, at aboriginal your rankings bead down, and alone with some time they appear aback and get college than they were before. Experts at SEOmoz noticed this too. And moreover, Google even says about this in their own patent 8,244,722. So once again, be patient.


7. Get rid of all the duplicated content : 

It is not just an advice. It's a articulate necessity! After Panda 3.6 amend accepting been launched by Google there is no way for the sites with bi-fold agreeable to be in Google Top 10. So, pay absorption to the superior of your website agreeable because the accent of this agency grows up from day to day. There are numerous content duplicate checker tools, which may help you find and get rid of all the duplicated content.


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