Recover from Google Penguin

Released on April 24, 2012, Google penguin was implemented a month later on 26th May to facilitate users for getting quality results in SERP. People involved in digital marketing, link building, web development and social media marketing are certainly aware of this update.

Ever since the update, Penguin has been punishing the web-pages which Google considers spam according to its guidelines. It is designed to keep a check on black-hat SEO techniques like cloaking, hidden text, excessive keyword stuffing etc. to not have any effect on search results. These techniques are deployed to attain the highest position in the search results, without considering the relevance and quality of the result. It results the fall back of quality links which could answer the queries of the user with higher satisfaction than the useless links which only aim to get high rank in result despite if it matches the context of result.

Few worthy techniques and methods which could help the links to float up in search results are:

  • Content marketing: Implementing a content marketing strategy in post-penguin era is supposed to be an effective mode for brand-building or for driving traffic to a web-site. Submission of original content related to the business' area of operation will be beneficial for the business. Popular content can build a popular image for the business.

  • Avoiding Link Building: It should be clear to most of the web-masters that Google is dropping about 50% of free directory submission sites. So adding links on low quality sites unnecessarily would deteriorate the reputation of the site itself. Also, in order to sustain in the post-penguin era, it is advisable to follow the guidelines mentioned by Google.

  • Quality: Penguin consistently strains over the concept of quality results for users. No matter what happens, ultimately the result presented to the customer should be of high quality, so as to present the users what they are looking for. Link building with high quality web-sites, high quality content, positive reviews etc. are rewarded with high rank in Google search results.

  • Use of natural anchor texts: Penguin penalizes the sites or content which introduces unnatural or forceful addition of keywords or anchor text. To sustain the reputation in post-penguin era, it's a good to practice for using more context based keywords. Keywords that maintain the meaning and context of the sentence, when embedded. Unnecessary use of anchor text degrades the quality of the content for the user and so Penguin ruins the rank of such pages. Anchor text variation is another technique which can give a more natural feel and can also match the context of the sentence.
  • Get Social: Search results are, nowadays, directed from various social media platforms as well to provide quality information, since the major internet audience is active on social media. So it is advisable to use social media as a marketing tool to reach out the potential customers and other visitors.
It's important to understand the impact of penguin on your web-site using the analytic tools. Site auditing could help you highlight the problem areas in the web-site and any of the mentioned methods could be used to maintain the positioning in the search result.Refereed by article trader.


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