Google Penguin 2.1 Website Update

We all know that on the 4th October, 2013 Google has arrived with a new updated algorithm to hold web spam. This new update is known as Penguin 2.1.

We can say about this update is web spam hunting algorithm. The latest 2.1 update create the situation more difficult for those purposely violating Google search engine spam’s and  taking short cuts to enhance search rankings.

The new Penguin update gives priority in quality and originality of content and ignores spam website backlinks. The main reason for this update is representing user more friendly and valuable relevant information. This update actually means that website which has good quality and information will rank higher and spam low quality website will completely disappears for user search results.

After all this things SEO remain the same but need to improve the working strength likes highly relevant and contextual writing. Otherwise website will effect by many cases. Previously low ranked websites now have been rank better because the information and take the update seriously, other-wise all set to lose their online business completely.

We may have notice a huge conversation around the latest changes and day by day Google simultaneously be updated and enhanced to make it more user friendly and hold the spammer.